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Resources for Interior Designers.  Created by an Interior Designer.

Do it different. Do it better. Elevate the industry.


Ana Cole - Ana Cole Interiors

"Eight years ago, I got serious about starting my interior design business, and was fortunate enough to have Crispin mentor me. From recommending invaluable books, to guiding me to implement business practices and procedures, I was able to transform my small startup into a thriving, profitable business.  Her guidance and advice was the key to me understanding my role as a business owner and empowered me to take myself seriously and present myself in a way so that others would do the same. I cannot recommend her enough! "


Leah Penner - Ranger Design Co.

"Crispin has helped get my business off the ground. Now that I'm a couple of years in she's helped me nail down my processes and given me the tools I've needed to improve our client experience. Her ability to help me through the pain points in my business has elevated how my company operates on a daily basis, which in turn has increased our success with obtaining new clients.
Thank you Crispin!"


Sukhmani Sandhu - Casa La Cozy

" I had a list of things that I needed help with, especially coaching around mindset and growth. Crispin helped me realize my worth and helped me reflect that in my business through streamlined design processes and deliverables. I'm now more efficient and profitable. I have learned so much from her and continue to do so! I really appreciated Crispin’s approach to coaching, she is very transparent in sharing her knowledge and experience. Thank you Crispin for helping me set up my business for success!

Guides for Interior Designers


Melissa Heaman - Harbour Mill Design

"Deciding to work with Crispin to help guide me in my new business was one of the smartest decisions I could have made. Her openness  and encouragement provided me the support I so desperately needed during this time. Crispin graciously shared documents she uses in her own business that I have been able to adapt to my own business and gain what I feel would have taken me years to figure out. The potential for my business has grown so much thanks to our sessions together."


Kayla Coulas - Dual Design Co.

"I have never had a coach or business mentor that gives so freely of their knowledge and time. Crispin truly wants each and every one of her mentees to succeed. There is no 'catch', and when you work with Crispin you sense instantly that she is genuine, compassionate, and truly believes in the core values she spreads. Every interior designer, whether seasoned or just starting a business, would benefit from her services and offerings. 100% would recommend - again and again."


Jodie Owen - Jodie Owen Design

"The number of pieces involved in bringing an interior design business together can be overwhelming. Crispin is an open book, and her mentorship style is genuine and thoughtful. She provided so much guidance and insight on the types of services, implementing processes, building relationships with the industry, and setting your business up for profit. Her years of experience and genuine desire to see you succeed, are the perfect combination for elevating your business."

Mentorship Matters

Yes, there are benefits to struggle, and figuring things out on your own. But there are also unbelievable benefits to having access to insights and resources from a practicing designer who has been where you are, and has built what you dream of building. Instantly elevate your industry knowledge, grow your business skillset, and build inner confidence with designer-specific mentorship today.

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