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Price Like A Pro: Insider's Guide To Calculating Fees & The Per-Square-Foot Method


Welcome to the very first DESIGNLIFEINC. micro course!! I'm on a mission to demystify everything about running an elevated interior design business, and sharing all of my pricing secrets & strategies so that you TOO can feel confident, in alignment, and rock-solid when it comes to understanding your fees and pricing projects. Let me tell you a secret - I've purchased several pricing courses over the last 12+ years, hoping to find solid answers to my pricing questions. Sadly, they fell short and simply repeated the same fluff and surface-level info I'd heard before. I craved hard-core numbers and the steps to ACTUALLY calculate my design rates. Cue this course! In this jam-packed series we'll get straight into the key components around understanding pricing, profits, and building financial health in your design business. In this course we cover: * ALL THINGS PRICING - confusion around knowing what and how to charge for your services, common pricing methods & the pro's and con's of each * MONEY MINDSET - the stories you tell yourself are directly related to your profits & business success * CLIENT & MONEY PSYCHOLOGY- connecting the dots between clients and money anchors * YOUR MINIMUM HOURLY RATE: HARD FACTS - we figure out exactly what you need to charge to keep the lights on and pay yourself a consistent profit * THE PER-SQUARE-FOOT-METHOD - why I love it, why clients love it, how it completely changed my business game, and how to calculate your own unique PSF rates * DESIGN FEE PROPOSAL - why clients need more than just the numbers, how to tell a beautiful story and present your proposals like the expert you are You'll need a Google/Gmail account to access the custom-designed pricing calculators in the course. Ready to learn? Let's do it!


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- PF

Hands down the best purchase I have made for my business
is Crispin's per-square-foot calculator training!
So clear, concise, and the templates are perfection!
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